Want to model for PhotosByDaven.com? 

This website is a side project of mine that has lasted a few years and continues to grow and change. Focus here is on sexy all the way to no boundaries erotic photography and video content, I am known for pushing limits and trying new things often. Short fantasy video story scenes are really a passion of mine and I plan on doing more of that in the future here.

After a few years of receiving a few messages here and there from people wanting to see more of my content and offering money for it I started thinking about it. I didn’t want to edit content for these individuals at all even for the money offers, but maybe if I just loaded up stuff that I have shot and even better the stuff no one has seen to my own website where they can pay to view it discreetly. So one day in 2017 I decided to “try something new” and I started putting this site together in March 2017 with a membership and pay system. It’s growing each week in members and content.

My shooting time and availability vary as I have traveling job. Been shooting stuff for 7 years. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!