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Why You Should Pose Nude

I was warned about nude modeling on my very first shoot. The photographer I was working with told me in serious tones that she would never ask me to pose nude—and to be wary of any photographer that did. According to her, anyone who wanted me to disrobe was a predator and a pervert. The warnings […]
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8 Considerations for Potential Nude Models

Becoming a nude model has been one of the most rewarding, satisfying things I have ever done. I love the art I am able to create because I am a nude model. I love the people I have met and the opportunities that have arisen from my modeling. But as an experienced nude model who […]
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When A Model Doesn’t Get Photos

One of the most common questions I’ve received from models lately is how to handle the situation when the photographer doesn’t return images from a shoot. Instead of focusing solely on the model side, however, I want to also cover what I hope will be some helpful tips for photographers who might find themselves in […]
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5 Quick Photo Shoot Tips for Models

Here are 5 quick tips for models getting ready for a photo shoot. 1. Check your nails! No nail polish is so much better than chipped polish or polish that clashes with other things in the photo. Most photographers prefer either no nail polish, clear nail polish, or a sheer nude/pink. If you don’t know, […]
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Guide to Understanding the Escort Issue

Model escorts are a huge topic in the freelance modeling world and I think a lot of the hubbub about them is due to misunderstanding and lack of education. Some of us have been doing this for long enough that we see the topic of escorts as a totally beaten to death subject that we […]
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Styling Yourself for Photo Shoots

Models, let’s talk about wardrobe! Some of you might get to work with stylists or designers, but for most of us freelance models, we act as our own wardrobe stylist sometimes with the help of the photographer. At first, it may seem daunting, troublesome, and expensive, but I’m going to help you with some tips […]
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New Model Guide: Your Modeling Limits

As a nude model in any genre you will have limits and you will have to to learn to set, enforce, and perhaps adjust those modeling limits. Modeling limits can range from what styles you shoot, to what you’ll be wearing (or not wearing), to those regarding personal preferences such as not wearing fur or […]
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I have been getting a lot of men calling us and asking for us to shoot their wives and girlfriends…And it has been really a great feature for me….I love connecting with the recipients of these shoots and hearing from them…I like them being involved if it is not a surprise and hello boys you […]
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