Interested in understanding on how to stay confident? So, you must have decided to take the courage to be in front of a camera. Well done! Boudoir in Fayetteville Ar is like a good investment; you put some money and you reap much more of it. How to stay confident means that you want your […]


What is the perfect body shape for a woman? I am sure you have considered it at least once. You are reading a blog that talks about Boudoir Photography and confidence. The perfect body shape is of course something you have an idea about. If you ask Daven, he will show a couple of photos of women […]


Body image and mental health are closely related. They are the two sides of the same coin, a coin called “us”. The way we think our body is and how we see it is different. This affects the way we talk to ourselves and how we relate to others. More importantly it affects our mental […]

To Trade Or Not To Trade: What You Need to Ask Before Saying Yes

When I started out as a new model I knew that I needed to book trade shoots in order to build a portfolio, but I hadn’t learned yet that I should be focusing on quality rather than quantity. I started out shooting trade with pretty much anyone and everyone who asked, and while I had […]

Location, Location, Location: Boudoir Location Ideas for Your Sessions

If you’re just getting started in the boudoir business or are looking to keep your costs low, you may not be in a position to invest in your own studio space. Not to worry: there are plenty of boudoir location ideas to choose from, ranging from your client’s own home to the great outdoors. Each […]

When A Model Doesn’t Get Photos

One of the most common questions I’ve received from models lately is how to handle the situation when the photographer doesn’t return images from a shoot. Instead of focusing solely on the model side, however, I want to also cover what I hope will be some helpful tips for photographers who might find themselves in […]

5 Quick Photo Shoot Tips for Models

Here are 5 quick tips for models getting ready for a photo shoot. 1. Check your nails! No nail polish is so much better than chipped polish or polish that clashes with other things in the photo. Most photographers prefer either no nail polish, clear nail polish, or a sheer nude/pink. If you don’t know, […]

Styling Yourself for Photo Shoots

Models, let’s talk about wardrobe! Some of you might get to work with stylists or designers, but for most of us freelance models, we act as our own wardrobe stylist sometimes with the help of the photographer. At first, it may seem daunting, troublesome, and expensive, but I’m going to help you with some tips […]


Whether you come to us for a sexy boudoir shoot or a looking fabulous personal portrait the results are the same!!! We are here to empower and make you feel so special and beautiful it is a crime not to do this for yourself!!! Society seems overloaded with images and ideas what it means to […]