Frequently Asked Questions


Future plans? Improving the quality of the content here is always the biggest goal, working with better and better models, adding more purchase options, member options, server upgrades. The more interest I see with the paid options will usually motivate me and speed up things here, truth!

PPV/SP Specific Posts? I decided in early May 2017 to add a new function, PPV/SP this will allow you to purchase single model posts. I find this handy for people not interested in having a membership here or they really just want to see one model post I have. With this option you purchase a link that gives you access to a model post only, no membership is required and the link will work until the specified time you purchased it for. The price on these are a bit higher in price since its just a single post. Not every model post will have this option, you need to save the link you are emailed because without it you wont have the special key it provides to see the post. And yes I can make a little extra money doing this, the posts are exactly the same as a membership will have except you are just getting that one post or I could bundle a few at a later time too. Another reason is how slow I am at adding the content here, its a lot of damn work and I am always so tired. Doing the shoots is way more fun.

Members Only? Yes as of April 5 2017 I have made the site mainly a private site, the public will still have access to some preview content and info. This option may change or be configured in the future, but this site will focus on sexy model content with a paid membership. Your support helps the site and the models I pay to shoot with. The future is here, many people will make incomes being creators online and will need your support. PBD Membership.

EC Membership? I have changed the option, now its just a paid membership, PBD Member. The reason is it will lower the amount of code needed on every post, this could at times cause errors or slowdowns. Also I can just manage entire sets of posts all at once easier now, I was basically thinking ahead. I was doing a server upgrade right after opening EC early access which had a good amount of signups in 24 hours, the process was supposed to be an automated process basically moving everything to a new server. It worked but I had bits of errors eluding me so I just totally wiped the site and started fresh. In doing this I poked around my backups and found some very sloppy plugin data still left around, good learning experience. I also refunded all EC Member signups and cancelled the subscriptions because they would fail due to having data for the old site setup, this process worked awesome btw.

How are you so good at this website stuff? I have been a webmaster for various companies or large member websites for years, all done on the side and not my main line of work. Ive been on a real computer since I was a child. This site is pretty simple to run, but I am still new with this setup.

Do you have any opportunities open for Right now this is a personal showcase collection site. I have been getting offers to show other content and the way the site is setup now it would work perfectly, but I need to get more of my own work up first. In the future I may allow people to submit sets (20 photos/2 vids max) of their own shoots to be shown here with their info displayed. The content would need to fit the "Sexy" theme of this site and be work of a skilled photographer in good resolution. These sets would need a copy of a release and signed agreement to be shown on this site, all legit. If I did add this option you can be rest assured I would post a very detailed page for you to visit.

No ads? There are currently no ads on this site anywhere except maybe some of my own links in this FAQ for stuff I use. Memberships to this site are all I am interested in using as funds here. I also do zero target advertising for my website membership, I do however have links on my videos/photos for this site that I post on other social media infrequently.


Interested in shooting who? Many types, but I absolutely go for a all in one type with good looks, clean healthy skin, great hair, ready for any situation including nudes. An in shape healthy confident model will be on the top of the list.

I heard you really dislike cigarette smoking. I do not shoot images of models smoking cigarettes to "look cool", it's true I am repulsed by smokers so keep the cigarettes away from me. I have admired some of these shots, but it's something I do not endorse.

Main shooting style? I started with glamour lingerie and have a solid skill set in that, I still do the same but with a bunch more nudity now.

Favorite skill? A model who can flow with poses naturally taking little direction so I can fully focus on shooting images/videos.

Should always. Communicate, the younger the model the more their phone seems to always be broken, or some other really just stupid excuse like "I am so busy" bs. Communication is probably my biggest pet peeve, even some of the models I have shot with have been horrible at simple communication via email/website messages/social media/texting. I consider someone reading my messages and not replying in a timely manner a complete waste of my time as they are not serious as I am. If you do this I will usually block you from contacting me ever again and will think of you as a flake, lol I am serious though.

Tattoos? There are issues with tattoos and copyright going on with the creators, I don't mind them but I prefer less tattoos for now.

Nudity. I don't always shoot nudity, if I have shot you in lingerie you can bet I will offer you a nude shoot if we got along. This can be more glamour/beauty/art based and not erotica.

Erotic/Explicit nudity? If you have shot nudes I may ask you for erotic or even explicit nude shoots.

What do you consider erotic exactly? I consider open/spreading legs to fully show ones genitals erotic. Explicit would be touching and even penetration with various things, the act of pleasuring.

Videos. Since early 2014 started shooting videos on most of my shoots either BTS or easy continuous posing usually. This is a work in progress for the shooting techniques, posing, lighting, and the biggest is the actual editing. I do post RAW unedited videos from shoots as sort of a treat for people online that seem to like them unaltered.

What to do in videos? Stay in character no matter the situation, I shoot videos from a few seconds to usually around 1 minute clips at a time. This is the time to leave all your fears and insecurities behind, pretty much by the last video of the day the model will have improved. I will talk usually during the video to help out some or give ideas before. Usually I want the model to just continually pose in a slow pace non stop, some good music to move to really helps in video shooting. Other times I may straight up tell you to act a certain way, move somewhere, say something, do some action like dance or adjust clothing/hair. Its pretty simple stuff, but I still find its the most "Oh Shit" moment for models I come across, video is the future and remember I want you to look good to. So basically I am just filming you and using the best parts in an edit.

Fashion or shoots with clothes on? Yea don't forget I shoot this too and pretty decent at it, I want to be a well rounded photographer so I do many genres just ask.

Compensation? Pay, TFP, Trade etc. I do them all, I pay for the best and get paid for my best! Keep that in mind. TFP models get web proofs that rock btw, and an agreed amount of edits too. I negotiate!

Private shoots? I shoot privately too, that means I do not publish the photos online or in printed material. Models wanting to "try" nudes or explicit content usually are the models here, example I have shot many wives for their husbands viewing pleasure. Some models feel they aren't sexy enough, or too fat have shot privately. I could also be shooting for a private collector you would know about or be modeling for.

Forms? Every model fills out a model release that they will sign at my shoots, you get emailed a digital copy. If doing explicit content you will also fill out a form 2257 for adults performing for my record keeping with 2 forms of id.

MUA? I freaking love makeup artists and had used many in the past, but lately with my time limited schedule it has been hard to find one with the high skill set I would want for the right times. If a model has a MUA of her own it is easier, I love a combo MUA/Model.

Will you give me images from our shoot? Yes if its a trade shoot definitely proofs/edits, but all models can ask for them when I have time to upload them to dropbox if I haven't already. If you were paid to model then your compensation was the agreed to payment and not media, sometimes I may send you a few photos or sample videos if I have the time.

Can I use the images? Yes use them for promoting yourself or me too, don't sell or edit them though. If you see them online just use a copy from this site is recommended or txt/email for a quality copy. All my images in web format are above 1080p resolution so they are nice and large.

Who shouldn't model for you? Uptight people will not get along with me, I am very free thinking and have been even told intimidating in appearance. I cuss, make inappropriate comments in a silly way, go watch my videos for examples. If you have no sense of humor stay away!

Can I bring an escort for my safety? I will not allow any escort to disrupt my shoots period. This is typically a newer model asking, I understand the idea but it will generally disrupt or make a shoot uneasy in some way especially if shooting lingerie/nude material. The question itself will set an atmosphere before the shoot I do not even want. Check references!

I modeled for you and want to again? Let me know, give me credit for images on websites I always promote my models. I shoot some talented models over and over again and even if we got along as decent human beings too. Ignoring me is the worst thing you can do.


Experience? Since teenager, I am in my forties now. 20+ years slr. I started with general stuff then automotive work, in 2005 I started with models.

Favorite gear. Canon 5d series currently.

What gear do you use? My gear has not changed since Jan 2014, main camera is Canon 5D Mark III/backup is 3ti which I never use much anymore. Then I use a Nikon for my secondary camera quite often for a different look in photos and sometimes video since it does have auto focus in video mode. I had a fuji x100s that I gave away. My 5d3 is absolutely the greatest camera I have owned, I am still learning how to achieve more out of it. My Canon lenses are 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II, 16-35mm f2.8 L II, then I use the hell out of a Sigma Art f1.4 35mm. I am considering getting a 50mm Sigma art, I use these for indoor tight spots on my model shoots. Most of my model stuff is shot with 70-200 60% of time, Sigma 35 40%. I actually never use the 16-35 anymore. I carry 3 600ex-rt and st-e3-rt trigger for my flashes in large octaboxes for hotshoe flashes, then umbrella/modifiers/spots sometimes. I am looking at new Canon body but the 5d4 having a sloppy mjpeg video codec has me hesitating, other than that the camera is dope, considering a full time video camera if the prices get better near 5d series. I will use my 5d3 till it falls apart I think, its just that good still.

Video cameras? I do my videos on a Canon 5d3 mainly and it isn't super easy mainly due to manual focusing in video mode. I use a Manfrotto pan/tilt head on tripod and have Magic Lantern installed on the 5d3 for extra options, other than that a hoodman lcd viewer I never use. I have no video lights at all yet, why I love the 5d series for video you can pump that iso up pretty damn high in dark rooms. I am probably gonna add some type of video lights in 2018 that are small even considered the small led or even ice lights but the prices are insane imo, cmon Wescott wtf.

Lighting skill. I was better with flashes to start somehow and horrible at natural light till even recently with portraits. I've made big steps with natural light shooting, most of my 2015-2016 shoots were just a camera, model , and mostly indoors.

1 bag of gear really? Yes I use small travel roller bag, I am a minimalist in that regard.

Will you teach me? I have taught about 5 people, pay me and things happen I am not around one location for long too.

Assistants? I have had assistants in the past, sometimes they really help so I love one.

Could another photographer/video person join you in a shoot? When I started with models I actually would join in on workshops myself to learn often. Later I would be apart of some group shoots, usually finding the location and bringing a few models. Eventually I will add some of those shoots on this site. So yes I am very use to groups of photographers, only difference is now I’m shooting nude work more which changes the setup a bunch. I would consider having a talented person to shoot along side me if it were done for beneficial purposes to this website most likely.

Will you do interviews or show your work at art show? I have no problem with doing an interview, but whoever wants the interview must understand that I tell it like it is and don’t sugarcoat stuff. As far as art shows of various kinds I would consider showing some of my best images that I would meticulously retouch and edit myself only. If you have music and art together I am very into this.

How often do you shoot? About 2 to 3 times a week I shoot models in Northwest Arkansas usually. When I shoot I go all out. I would love to shoot more, but I have a 24/7 traveling job and people tell me still that they have no time.

Favorite thing to shoot? Female models all day long everyday!

Various styles to each edit. I edit each photo individually, I do mass adjust a series sometimes. Lately I've been "adjusting" more images in groups though and think I like the results better.

Spec-4? This is just a name for my lightroom preset with all my export settings you may see tagged onto filenames too. I have a very good system and have been using Lightroom since beta so I am organized on this one thing when it doesn't have a million bugs like recently.

How many images per hour? On model photoshoots I shoot about 30-50 images per hour if not doing video. I shoot my best when this number is lower, my shoots are usually 2-4 hours long too.

Why some shoots look very different? I shoot 100% on location and each one has different environments, then the main thing is the model. Call it unprofessional of me, but better overall models make better images since I shoot mainly for myself lately. So when you see my best work you know that it wasn't just me, the model rocked it! I have literally been blown away at images with models having high skill sets and great attitudes, it truly helps.

Where do you get models? Lately mainly I am contacted right here on this site from casting calls I put out. Other site I might cast at Model Mayhem, ProPhotoShoot, SexyJobs, and sometimes more. I ask any good looking women to model for me often in just about any situation though. I had a Denny's waitress model for me just the other day ago, people are sexy even when they aren't trying. I do consider myself a talent scout of models.

I know you shot a model but I never seen the images? I shot the model privately probably, 1/5 of my shoots have been private in the last 2 years. I don't withhold my images unless they were a private shoot.

Why don't you erase or hide your exif data in your images? When I was a rookie with digital images I would only show the best shots and strip out all my camera/lens/flash settings, this is insecurity at its best. I leave my exif data in and you can easily see it shown on my flickr, I use it to organize and study best setups. I do not care about people seeing how I shoot at all any more, every one shoots poor images and its how we eventually shoot great ones. My work has improved immensily in the past two years with less overall shooting because I study my shots and don't mind if you do either. I shoot very slow shutter with or without flash, this is what you will mainly see.

One reason for this is due to my use of speed lights with recharged batteries that have slow recycle times the higher the output, so I lower the flash power and just shoot slower which benefits the ambient light in the images and keeps a good flow of shooting with the model. The other is for natural light shots I use a lens often with 4 stops of image stabilization and have become good at stabilizing my body free holding camera (you might see me appearing to snuggle with a wall or foot rest to stabilize myself) with help of the IS to get brighter indoor natural light shoots while keeping sharp focus even with a telephoto zoom.

Why give out such large images? I used to set my images for the web at 900 pixels on the long edge now its 2048 pixels. Reason is expanding monitor/device resolutions and the use of JPEGmini plugin to then shrink the file size without sacrificing quality. I use the plugin inside of lightroom in my Spec-2 export preset.

What do you edit with? Lightroom/Photoshop CC for photos, Premier Pro/After Effects for video, I have the complete Adobe Cloud membership. I also use Capture One Pro for photos sometimes but it hasn't been used much. I have begun playing with DaVinci Resolve 12+ for video grading mainly, I don't really like SpeedGrade CC's built in filmstock or my custom ones I make for some reason.

Favorite Plugins? Portraiture skin cleaning (lightly 20-30% opacity) and Nik Collection for Photoshop. Lightroom JpegMini. After Effects Automated Video Editing Script, this one edits to beat of music automatically and can be adjusted. Premier Pro I have only one that I am trying to get working on my system with the creator called BeatEdit, a more advanced beat editing plugin that has just came out.

Photos never end? It's true as long as I retain the original RAW data files I can over time create new versions of images. It's one of my favorite things to do actually, my editing grows and changes as each year goes by. I think it's been simplified but is getting more quality looks I want.

Mobile video editing? Yes in 2016 I started fooling around with mobile iPhone video editing of my RAW 5d3 and x-t1 video files. The results were ok but I didn't have many advanced options and the finished exported files were lower quality. You can see some of these first edits on my Vimeo look for Liz Ashley and a MKBlondie nude video labeled with (iPhone edit). They are nice to the beat edits, but quality sucks. Now in 2017 I came across the iOS app Lumafusion and it is the first true power packed video editing software and allows high quality finished videos. You can keyframe effects, import media from many places even fonts and images, now use LUTs for grading, light exposure control, animations with titles or video somewhat, it's fast as hell and video exports are very fast.

I liked this app so much I bought a new iPad Pro 10.5 in late 2017 to improve my workflow, already it's working and the LF app is getting serious new features added often. Only thing as of Sept 2017 it does not have that I need is track masking so I can properly face blur stationary/moving objects or people, it can be done now using shapes but it's not as precise as a mask could be. I can do my entire video straight from my cameras on the iphone or iPad, and some other apps to upload and manage the files to various servers. Apps I use for a mobile video workflow are Lumafusion for editing, TheArchivist for uploading to the streaming video servers I pay for, Documents 6 for managing files, Dropbox for managing and uploading to other places.


I heard you get banned at many websites? Yes I do often get banned or I simply remove my page there if they change the user rules. Reason I get banned is my content is very grey area sometimes, some sites may have a very sensitive staff to my free thinking ways. Another reason these websites may have removed my account is because super sexy videos of nudity get lots of views and ends up costing them bandwidth, perves come out in masses to see the nudes.

Can I see more videos/photos of a model? Yes you can be a paid member of this site PBD Member and you will see new content.

What is the deal with you and social media? I rather people visit my website where its all my stuff, Ive been online too long and can see through all the bs that people are pulling on social media, even people I know. Id really like a new flickr variant that had their content system better setup and everyone working there on the same page. I am more of a promoter and like to be in the shadows, hence the art of shadows.