Modeling Themes and Ideas

Here are just a few themes and ideas I have for shoots. Some I’ve already done, others are waiting for the right combination of circumstances. I have some additional ideas that I’ve not posted.

Angels and Demons (fantasy art with horns, wings)
Desert Southwest (requires planning)
Geometry (body arranged to contrast/conform to squares, triangles, parallel lines)
Water and other liquids, especially in motion
Kinetic (movement) can be combined with other themes, too
Sexy Maid
Wind (fabric, hair, blowing in the wind)
Costume Play
Swimming/submerged (requires planning)
Twerking / Dance
Waterfall (requires planning)
Balloon Pop
Duct Tape

If you interested in doing a paid shoot with any of the above themes or you have an idea of other themes feel free to contact me or fill out the model application below. 
Duct Tape Shoot / Model : Paige
Mardigras  / Model : Hannah
Fashion Model / Model : Monica
Trail Shoot  / Model : Ariel
Belly Dancer Shoot / Model : Catty
Public Office Shoot / Model : Morgan
Public Costume Shoot / Model : Ariel
Public Waterfall and Rocks Shoot / Model : Shay
Nature Trail Shoot / Model : Raven
Park Shoot / Model : Ariel